Captain James Wakeford is a highly experienced Yacht Captain, Diver and

Helicopter pilot with over 25 years of practical, in-depth knowledge of project

co-ordination and risk management.

Beginning his military career as a helicopter pilot in the Royal Navy and completing

his service as a Captain in an elite unit of the Royal Marines, it is axiomatic that this

demanding role brought James in frequent contact with small ship and helicopter operations.

On leaving the armed forces, James moved into the film industry where he successfully

co-ordinated complex marine and aerial sequences on numerous feature films and television

series for some of the world’s leading directors, managing marine budgets in excess of $6M.

In tandem with his film work, James runs a highly successful global yacht delivery service and

project manages new build and retrofit yacht programs worldwide. In 2009 one of James’s projects

was the complete retrofit of a new production Princess 95 for which he engaged the services of

Michael Leach Design. Upon completion, James and Michael Leach Design founded “Blue Label” as

a joint venture to offer owners of production built yachts the option to personalize their standard vessel

to bring it in line with Super Yacht levels of luxury and engineering.

In December 2010 James secured the worldwide distributor rights for the AC-CESS AC-ROV for the Luxury Yacht

market, offering a complete sales, support, training and integration service to existing and new build vessels.

Highlights of Captain James Wakeford’s career include:

Royal Marines Officer - MCA Ships Master - CAA Helicopter pilot - HSE Commercial Diver - Single Handed Transatlantic -

Marine Co-ordination of feature films, including: Saving Private Ryan and Captain Corelli’s Mandolin.

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